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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some stamping, bad start on my son's summer holiday, and some other random stuff.

Tuesday was the first day of summer holiday for little D, he finish his first year of school. But for the last days he and his sister G have been coughing like crazy. But I guess that will happen when yo go from warm weather to cold to warm again, just in a few days.... Even tho the meds are in cherry or berry flavor they hate taking their meds. So I have been armed with lollipops, lately... What ever I have to do to get them to take their meds right....

But I woke up to some great news today, one of my cousins back home in Norway and his long time girlfriend gave birth to a little baby boy. Tho I wish I could go back home this weekend, my dad turns 70 years old. #@$^#$ the whole mess with my papers, hopefully it will all get sorted out soon so I can visit and sit at my parents table and just talk and talk for hours over my mom's yummy food.

Moving on to the nail stuff, I know that's why most of you pop in for. I got this Julie G polish a while ago 9 To 5, but when ever I put it on I remove it right away. For some reason I think it doesn't look good against my olive skin tone..... But then again, I feel that way with all neon colors and this is a neon peach. Still it is a pretty color and I love peach, so I applied 3 coats. For stamping polish Maybelline Color Show in Navy Narcissist, Dashica SdP 110 (one of the new plates).

Now I just have to see how long I last before this neon peach freaks me out and I remove it all. I know, one odd things about me...... An other odd thing about me, if I don't like a DVD cover I won't watch the movie...... Yup, crazy..... 

Have a great one, have a drink and relax.

Happy stamping.

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