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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dashica's Dash Set 2.

This is the 2nd set from Dashica, it's a 20 plate set that comes in this cute case with plastic folders/pockets. You don't have to buy the full sets of any of the two sets, you can buy single plates of the dash set too. I wish  more plate set makers would sell in single plates too, like BM and Cheeky, Shany etc.  I know there are so many girls/and some guys who didn't like the whole sets. And I have seen so many comments in nail groups if any of these sell the set plates as singles.
I own the first Dash set too, I love this set. The plates are smaller and of course in this cute case, so I love looking at them. And for those of you who didn't know why they are called dash, dashica wouldn't fit on the back cover so Shirley shortened it to Dash.

Even tho the plates are smaller, they still have a few images on them.  Like 2 full nail images and 7-9 individual images on each plate. And they have the sane amazing stamping quality as the other Dashica plates.

I filmed the Closer Look At video on this set, but since I had zoomed so close in I had to add some bigger subtitles to make it harder for possible fake plate makers to make fake Dash plates. I know Shirley is worried that someone will try and copy her plates again and sell them for the real thing. So I felt like I had to do this to help protect Dashica's copyrights on these plates. I hope you all understand the reason, and I am sorry that you couldn't see all the images clearly.

Now moving on to the stamping test, I knew I didn't have enough fingers to test on so I painted some of my "practice stones" and stamped some images on those too. The video was like over 15 minutes so I bumped up the speed x 2 so I don't risk any of you falling asleep watching it..... LOL.

Right hand

Left Hand

So what are my thoughts of this set? I have to admit the first set is still my favorite, it had more images that just screamed ME. Don't get me wrong, I like 80% of the plates in the Dash set 2. What plates is it I don't like as much? 23, 28 and 38 are the ones that didn't scream ME. I love the case with the thick plastic pockets, so easy to look at these plates and protect them. The Pueen idea was cute, but gets tangled easy, and since the plastic is thinner it curls up in the corners and makes it difficult for the other pockets to slide into the case.
This Dash set is still small enough to take with you on travels, it's like a small wallet in size. Yes, I know this set way more than the other sets out there. It cost 45 euro that is like $58.50 US, but you can buy the single plates for 2.99 euro or $ 3.88 US, plus shipping cost. Shipping cost is based on weight and cost of shipping to your country. Yes, I know that the shipping costs are high, that's why I only order from Dashica 1-2 a year. It was twice last year, because I got some birthday money from my parents back home.  If I am as lucky this year I'll make an other order for my birthday again. If not it has to wait to Christmas or even next year. 

I have bought these plates in my collection  my self except for the 2 Big plates Shirley has given me for my birthday and to review. 

Phew, and that concludes the Closer Look At and Stamping Test videos for now. Unless you want me to make some for the 5 new standard sized SdP plates I got. If you do, then I'll do it for you. Just let me know in the comments below. Also if you have any requests or suggestions to tutorials you want to see, plz let me know.

I hope you all have a  great weekend & happy stamping.

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