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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Closer Look & Review: FUN 12 From Fab Ur Nails.

Here's the last review of my new FUN plates from Fab Ur Nails, FUN 12.
This plate has a lot of logos on it, it has like every well known nail polish brand on it: Zoya, CG, Butter London, Gosh etc. And some designer brand logos: LV, Prada, Levi's etc. Plus 5 full nail images, and some individual images. I wanted this plate for the Nail Mail image and all the polish related images.
What can I say about this plate? I feel like I am repeating my self in these last posts. But I can't say anything else, than my honest opinion about these plates. They are amazing, all of them have the high stamping quality. And they all have unique images on them. I have to say I love it when these individual plate makers care so much about their clients that they keep making plates with images that their clients want. And the plates have super stamping quality. Yes, you have to pay more than you do for these plates than the sets you get from Bundle Monster, Pueen, Shany, Mash etc. But you get these amazing images that a lot of people want from TV, movies, books, games, etc.

I haven't bought a Konad plate in years, the last ones I got I won in a contest a few months ago. But Konad doesn't WOW me like Fab Ur Nails, Dashica, Nailz Craze, MyOnlineShop, Apipila, Mundo De Unas & Sugar Bubbles. I still have to try some of these brands mentioned out, and hopefully I hope I get to try them out soon.

I am just in love with the 4 FUN plates I got, they all stamp really well. There are a lot of images you can use to make your own stamping decals. The images with finer lines and details stamped really well too. I will strongly recommend these plates to anyone. They're just amazing.

I want to thank Johanne again for her kindness, so sweet of you to send me these plates. I can not wait to see what's next from Fab Ur Nails. And you truly inspire me and a lot of others with your amazing nail art. 

Now, I can finally remove these polishes that I have stamped over a few times. And do my nails, the tricky part will be to choose the plate and image to use. All I know it's going to be a FUN plate.

Until next time....

Happy stamping.

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