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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Time Stamping With FUN 11.

Third stamping test post of the Fab Ur Nails plates I got from the lovely Johanne. I only have one more to go and then I can remove these polishes from my hands. They're getting bad from stamping and light cleaning before the next stamping round. But anyways I can't wait to be done with these tests so I can pick one of these plates and do a mani with them. Have so many ideas in my head for mani's with these plates.

Anyways let's get back to the review and test part. I picked this plate for one image only, the Zelda logo. I know it's crazy to pick a plate for only one image, and it's not the first time I have done so. Done that with all the normal sized Dashica plates that have Hello Kitty on them. But I know I am not the only one out there who has done this.
I am still glad I got this plate, my husband likes this plate the most of the 4 I got. Because it has some of the Avengers and Justice League members and Looney Tunes characters. And there are some other images on here that I know the kids like: Perry, Minnie Mouse, Pluto etc.

I decided to do the rest of the stamping test on the same day, because we had rain and thunder storms. So it wasn't as hot as it was last weekend and I could turn off the A/C for a while. Not fun stamping your nails here in the summer because it gets too hot and you have to have the A/C. And that is not good when I'm trying to stamp my nails. The cool airflow dries the polish too fast so it starts drying before I get it on to the stamper, so not easy to get the full image picked up.  But there was no problem with that when I did the stamping test. And if you're wondering what polish I used as stamping polish, it's Wet N Wild's Black Creme.

The images on these plates are unique and have amazing stamping quality. I am now a Fab Ur Nails plate fan for sure. There are so many cool images, and something for everyone on these plates. It is clearly Johanne cares for her clients, because she puts images on her plates that they want. There are characters from cartoons, TV shows, movies, games, logos etc. I will for sure get more of these plates, and I can recommend these plates to anyone. And I am happy to help spread the word about these plates.
Yes, they cost more than most plates. But I think they are worth it, you get so many amazing images that stamp amazing.

You can find these plates on Fab Ur Nails fb page:

Or get them from Llarowe:

Left hand

Right hand

I want to thank the lovely Johanne once again for these amazing plates. Thank you so much!!

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