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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun With Hello Kitty! A Stamping Decal....

I thought it was time to do a stamping decal tutorial. I haven't done many of these, last one I did was for Easter a few months ago. I like doing the stamping decals, but to make sure I don't mess anything up with kids bumping into my work table or climbing all over me.... So I have to do these while they are sound asleep in their beds. I don't dare to think about what the decals would look like if the kids were climbing all over me while filling in the colors.

So are you ready??? Here are all the items I used for these nails.

  • Base color:  OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • Image Plates: FUN 9 (Hello Kitty Plate) & Dashica Big SdP F    
  • Konad stampers (standard & double sided for decals)
  • XL Stamper
  • Konad Special Polish: Black
  • China Glaze: Purr-Fect Plum
  • Acrylic Paints: Oumaxi
  • Detail brushes
  • Water in a glass to clean your brush
  • Topcoats: NYC Grand Central Station & Out The Door
  • Tweezers
  • Fan brush

Here's what I did for the decals:
  1.  Apply 2 coats of  base polish and let it dry. Then I grabbed my Konad stampers, special polish and my FUN 9 plate.
  2.  Pick an image that has mostly outline of a character/item/logo, like an image in a coloring book. Apply the stamping polish to the image, scrape and stamp.  Leave the stamped image on the stamper!! And let it dry on the stamper for a minute or two before moving on to the next step. 
  3. Fill in the image with acrylic paints or polish in any color of your choice. I find it easier to do with acrylic paints than polish. Let it dry for a few minutes and do a second coat of paint/polish if needed. Let the image dry completely.
  4. Apply topcoat over and around the image. Let it dry. For this I used the NYC topcoat.
  5. When dry, gently start peeling off the decal from the stamper. But don't remove it completely.
  6. Apply a coat of topcoat to your nail and before it dries......
  7. Remove the decal from the stamper and place it on your nail.
  8. Apply a coat of your favorite fast drying topcoat.
Between step 4 & 5 while I was waiting for the decals to dry on the stampers, I stamped the background image on my nails.  

Here's my youtube tutorial of this mani. Step by step how I did these nails.

Final look

Time to go to bed, before I turn into a raccoon... Takes time making video, snap pictures, editing, uploading and blogging. Thank goodness I don't think I have to go any places today, if I do thank goodness for concealers.... LOL.

Hope you liked this one. 
Have a great week.
Happy Stamping.

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