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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sorry it has been a while since I made a blog post. Been crazy busy with school start and getting my boy who has autism back in the going to school routine. Been hard for him, he has had a lot of tantrum fits at school and not wanting to do his work. So we tried to work something out with his teacher and the rest of the support group they have for him. Then grandmother in-law went into the hospital for 3 days, so that was stressful too. And hubby starting a new job and training with new crazy work hours. But hopefully now things will settle down and I will be able to make blog posts and videos again. My nails have been naked a lot lately or I just grabbed a random polish just to have them polished.....

Anyways, last night I couldn't sleep. So what did I decide to do while fighting insomnia? Just kill a few fairies..... Well, it sure looked like that when I was done. I stopped by Rite Aid the other day for some pain killers and saw that they had gotten in their Halloween makeup displays. And my eyes landed on this little container that was just shooting out beams of rainbow glitters for anyone passing by to see. I just had to grab one. Anyways, I thought this would make a very pretty glitter polish. So I grabbed my Glamour suspension base and a mini polish bottle and started mixing glitter and base. Even tho I used my tiny scoop spoons I still managed to get glitter everywhere.... Therefore I killed a few fairies. But oh my was it worth it. 

I got the suspension base from TBK trading, I got them when I got my SpectraFlair powder. 
I think they are sold out of this suspension base kits right now, so just keep an eye out on their site for restock.

I tried my best to get a good picture.

So worth it to squish a few fairies for this.

Not sure I would stamp over this one tho, kinda feel like it would be over the top or overkill? 


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