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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Simple But Elegant Nails For Fall.

The weather has been weird here in Utah, we had over 90 degrees and then suddenly cold weather with thunder storms and rain. Needless to say with it came the flu ans sinus infections, so many people I know have gotten ill the last week. Hubby has an ugly sinus infection, my son is coughing like crazy, granny in-law got the flu and little G has a very runny nose. I don't know why I'm not sick yet, hopefully I won't get any of it. And now we are back to hot sunny days....
I wanted to start the fall season with something simple but elegant, so I picked 2 colors I think are great fall colors as base. LVX Legendaire ( I got this one in one of my NAS bags, and it's one of my favorite colors in my collection.) and China Glaze Jungle Queen. Over Jungle Queen I applied a coat of my franken glitter I made in my I killed a fairy post and video. It's so pretty, I love this glitter.
Then I pulled out my Dashica Big SdP F plate and Wet N Wild Black Creme and started stamping over Legendaire.

I love glitters, but they can be tricky to get a good picture of. For this one there was 33 pictures in my camera, and only these were the ones I was happy enough to upload and share.

Hope my dear readers haven't gotten hit with the flu or sinus infections. Until next time happy stamping.
For me, back to play nurse to the rest of my my gang in my home.

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