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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bundle Monster 2013 Set.

I got some nail mail today from Bundle Monster, this set was made after Bundle Monster held a contest for their fans. Their fans sent in images that they would love to see on their next set. So each image on each plate are made by one of their fans from some place around the world. I think it's amazing that a company like Bundle Monster created a set like this. Until now there's only been individual plate makers who has asked their fans what images they would love to have on a stamping plate. I didn't really plan to get this set, but after I saw Gina's video (soguesswhat11 on youtube) on this set I just changed my mind.
The full nail images are too small for my nails on my left hand, but they will be perfect for my right hand. All my nails on my right hand have been very brittle lately, that's why they're shorter.
I will try and get a stamping test on this set done soon. So stay tuned.
Until then have a great week, and as always thanks for stopping by.

The stamping set and a nail foil kit also from BM.

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