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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dr. Scholl's Insoles For Her Review.

When I was younger I used to wear high heels all the time for hours and hours, I even wore high heels when I was working as a waitress. But now, 15 years later and 2 more kids that just sounds crazy to me now. Now I am lucky if I can wear heels for a couple of hours before my feet are killing me. A couple of years ago I stumbled over Dr Scholl's For Her Insoles, I got a set back then and liked them very much. But kinda forgot about them had my 4th child and didn't wear any heels for a long time.
Then a week or so ago I got my first #MamaVoxBox from #Influenster and one of the products in the box was a set of Dr. Scholl's Insoles For Her (@Dr.Scholl's For Her).

 I of course found a home for them right away, they are in my black high heels knee bots. Needless to say they were a lifesaver this weekend, when we had errands to do. I was wearing my boots and my soon 3 year old wanted to be carried around. If I didn't have my insoles in my boots I wouldn't have lasted long having my toddler in my arms. I would be almost screaming in discomfort telling her to go to daddy.
But I was able to carry her around all the time we were in that grocery store, and that was like 20-30 minutes. They're really easy to slip in your shoes, just remove the plastic that is covering the sticky part and place them in your favorite shoes.

They really do make a difference in your high heels.
The only thing is that they are kinda pricy $ 5.49 - 12.49 (depending on what kind you get). So my tip, you love wearing heels and can't afford buying several pairs of insoles. Don't remove the plastic to uncover the sticky side before you place them in your shoes. That way you can just remove the insoles and place them in an other pair of heels the next day.
I my self removed the plastic, I only have two pairs of high heels and wedge boots for fall and winter, so I will get an other pair for the wedged boots.

There are different kinds of Dr. Scholl's Insoles For Her, so just take a look at your local drugstore, Walmart, Target, Kmart etc.

They're happy in their new home....

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