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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I swear it feels like I am raising an other kid......

For almost 2 weeks ago my grandmother in-law went into the hospital with a bad urinary tract infection, then she came home and got the flu. On top of that she has diabetes, but doesn't want to take her medications. So she has been feeling weak and very unwell, and very sorry for her self.
But how can you start to feel better if you don't take your medication or eat well? I have tried making meals that are healthy and tasty for her to get some bites into her. Like today's dinner I added both peas and carrots that she loves, and still she didn't eat anything. So what did she eat? A little bowl of Lay's chips and a bowl of caramel ice cream.....

But on the other hand my 7 year old boy who has autism has had a very good week at school, he has gotten great daily report from school. And he is very proud of him self, and comes running when he gets off the bus to tell me he got 3 smiley faces on his report. Just hope it will last a while, just seeing how pleased he is with him self is great. And he has done his homework as soon as he's gotten home with hardly any problems at all.

Now moving onto the nails, I pulled out one of my favorite fall colors from last year. OPI Skyfall from the James Bond collection. I just love this color, and I have a feeling I will use it a few times this fall too. Then I looked at my image plates collection, and pulled out my Dashica Big SdP X and Maybelline Bold Gold. And the finished look reminds me of fancy gift wrapping paper.

Have a nice week, and thanks for stopping by.

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