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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stamping Test: Infinity Nails By Dashica.

As I posted Friday I got some great nail mail yesterday, the new stamping plate series from Dashica called Infinity Nails.
If you didn't read my post from Friday, Infinity Nails from Dashica is the designer series. So the plates are better quality metal and they have better backing on them. Some of the plates are special with only one image that covers the whole plate, 3 images that covers 3-4 nails.
Dashica has been my favorite brand of stamping plates since I made my first order, so I was super exited to hear Shirley had kicked it up a notch with a new series of plates.  When Shirley showed me the previews a couple of months back I was amazed by the details in many of these images. But I was shocked that I noticed some details in these images that I hadn't gotten my attention in the previews. Like for example the top image on plate 44 I thought was just a neat swirly pattern with flowers. And when I got the plate in my hand I saw all the swirls and patterns was shaped together into an elephant.  I love my Dashica plates, so many great and unique images with great stamping quality.

And I am glad to see that is the case with these Infinity Nails plates. They stamp AMAZING!!! I can see that these are from Shirley because there are many of those full nail images with great detailing that Shirley is known to make. Every image I tried on these plates came out crisp and clear from the image plate to my stamper and then to my nails. No partial images at all because it didn't pick up some of the finer details, I didn't have any problems at all.  And while I was testing there was so many images I want to try and make stamping decals of. So I will be posting more stamping decals in the future. I can't really say anything more about these plates, because the stamping test was flawless and amazing. Hope there will be more plates under the Infinity Nails brand soon, because I will want more of these plates. I think I even like them better than the normal Dashica plates, because there has been a a few images that I can't get to work. But yeah, I can't say anything else than after this stamping test I am just in love with the stamping quality, same as MoYou's plates. Still MoYou is at the top with their art plates in my book, and the Infinity plates are right under followed by the normal Dashica plates and Fab Ur Nails Fun plates at 3rd place. And on 4th place my only NC plate, NC02.


 Right hand

Left hand

I also got to try out my new stamper I got from Fab Ur Nails, and so far I like it. Even tho it's not as squishy as the XL stamper, Magno XL stamper, or the squishy rectangle stamper and I had to roll it over my nails. It didn't slip and slide like what usually happens when I use my Konad stampers, and smudge the image onto my nails. I have always struggled with the Konad stampers, because they're to firm so I can't get to the sides of my nails because they have a deeper c-curve.But this new one is a bit harder then the squishy silicone stampers and softer than the Konad ones. Some place in the middle, the perfect balance. I have to try it on some of the images I struggle with and see if it has better luck on picking up those images.

Anyways as always, thanks for stopping by.

To Shirley, thank you so much for these amazing plates. I love them.
To Fab Ur Nails, thank you so much for the purple double ended stamper. Can't wait to play with it some more.

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