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Monday, January 6, 2014

A Touch Of Glam Nails.

The Sunday challenge in AIS was your favorite flower. But the thing is I don't really have one favorite flower. And I know I can blame my mom and her crazy green thumb, every spring and summer her garden is just filled with amazing flowers. She loves spending time out there, and over the years I have seen a lot of amazing flowers. It really depends on my mood and what colors I am in the mood for.
So I decided to use two of my new Infinity plates for this one, that had some kind of flower design on it. I used OPI Casino Royale and LVX Legendaire as base colors, I love these two polishes.
Then I picked out  Infinity Nails plates 17 and 23 and grabbed Casino Royale and Sinful Colors Gold Medal as stamping polishes, and the XL double ended stamper I got from Fab Ur Nails.
Of course while filming my tutorial the battery warning light came on, so had to add the bling off camera. I added some of the gems I got in the last NAS (Nail Art Society) bag for December.

On other note, my husband finally came home from CA after trying to sort out the whole hassle with his father's passing. It had been a very hard week for him, dealing with all of that on his own. His father hadn't done any cleaning in 5 years since we left and never threw anything out. And his 2 cats had messed up most of his things so all of it had to be dumped. Needless to say he was happy to be home in a non smelly and filthy home. The kids were so happy to have him home again, so we went shopping and he got me some sushi and the kids got a Happy Meal (made their day). Tho he has to go back to CA in a month to get his father's remains and car from storage. But for now, he is back home and happy about that.

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