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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stamping Test: MoYou London

Happy New Year!!! I hope my dear followers had a nice Christmas holiday with their loved ones. We tried our best to make it a nice Christmas for our kids, and they were happy with their gifts and Christmas stockings so think  we did ok.
As promised when I got my MoYou London order that was my Christmas present from my parents, here is my stamping test video of these plates. I recorded and edited it yesterday, I didn't want to stamp on my nails and remove it a few times to get all the images on my nails. So most of them I only pick them up with the stamper without stamping the images onto my nails. The cold winter here in Salt Lake is really hard on my nails and cuticles this year. I am using hand lotion, cuticle oil and vitamin E oil on my hands and nails several times a day. Any of my dear followers have the same problem? My right hand nails are chipping and flaking more than my left hand, so right hand nails are just stubs....

 Left hand

Right hand

So what are my thoughts about these plates??? All of the images I tried got picked up on my stamper just perfectly. Didn't have any problems with partial images at all, on one of the images the stamper slipped out of my fingers and got on the floor. So the stamper picked up some lint from the carpet on the floor. Right now after just using the Festive Collection -04 and doing the testing I have to say I am really impressed by these plates. I think I have a new favorite brand of plates, but I still love my Dashica and FUN plates, but the reason why these plates is at top of my list is because of these amazing looking plates that looks like a piece of art. I don't want to store them away, they're so pretty. I want them to be on display... LOL.  I want to get more MoYou plates later on, and that wish list is getting longer. 

I can't wait to use one of these plates for my next tutorial, I just need to decide what plate to use first..... 

I will try and get better with blogging this year, and make more youtube videos. Until next time thanks for stopping by.

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