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Friday, May 2, 2014

A Magical Sunset Nails.

I am waiting to get nail mail from Shirley, I waiting for 17 new Infinity Nails plates to get here. So because of that I am having problems finding inspiration to do my nails or use any of my other plates. Every time I am waiting to get some kind of nail mail, I am stuck. For some reason I always think I don't have enough plates to find inspiration from. How can that be when I have over 400 plates??? I know my plate collection isn't the biggest one, I know of plenty of girls who has way more plates than me. But I know that most of those girls are the same way when they are expecting nail mail.
I have been walking around with naked nails for 5 days, yeah you read it right 5 whole days. Because I couldn't think up any ideas. But then I forced my self to sit down and look at my polishes (that was the easy part) then my plates. 2 hours looking at plates and I had a hard time deciding.
So my base is an orange acrylic paint mixed with some white, then I used a sponge Essie Meet Me At Sunset on the nail tips.

My plate choice finally ended on Infinity Nails by Dashica and plate number 10, the top image. It's a special image that shows a whole scene, that can be stamped on multiple nails. There is a portion of that image with a fairy, flowers, a mushroom and a butterfly. So I picked that part of the image to stamp on my nails. I picked my trusty Dashica Black stamping polish and Magno XL stamper.

Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by.

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