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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stamping Test: The New Infinity Nails Plates By Dashica Part 1.


Here is part 1 of the stamping test of the new Infinity Nails plates by Dashica, that Shirley was so sweet to send me as a gift. And as always here is a stamping test video and close-up pictures of all the images. I had to do this video in 2 part or it would have been almost 30 minutes long after editing.
Before I start I want to thank Shirley again for sending me these amazing plates. They are just stunning as always, and they have AMAZING stamping quality. You will see that for your self in the video.
I used my XL semi squishy stamper I got from Fab Ur Nails, Magno XL stamper and a standard sized soft silicone one I got from Shirley a while ago. The stamping polish is Wet N Wild Black Creme.
I know it's getting closer to summer months here in Utah, since we started to run the A/C again I have to be faster with the stamping before the polish dries. I waited too long on a couple and had to redo them, so any stamping errors came from me. Nothing wrong with any of these plates, they have amazing stamping quality. Even the ones with a lot of thin lines and tons of details came out so crisp and clear. These plates are just as good stamping wise as MoYou plates. And as I have mentioned so many times before one of the main reasons why I love Shirley's plates is because she has mirrored images on each plates, and quite a few image plates with positive and negative images on them. I wish more image plate makers would do the same with their plates.

What my work area looks like after all the testing. Not as messy as usual.

And here are all the close-up pictures of part 1. 

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