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Sunday, June 1, 2014

May NAS (Nail Art Society) Bag.

I got my bag yesterday, the last day of May. I have been a subscriber for the NAS bag since they started and paid for each kit out of my own pocket. So my thoughts about each bag has been my own honest opinions.
Nail Art Society is a monthly subscription membership for anyone who loves nail polish and nail art. It costs $11.95 + shipping. Each month you get a full sized polish and some nail art supplies.

Ok, so to explain a bit deeper why I am thinking about cancelling my subscription. When NAS started out we got different polish brands in each kit. The last few months there has been a lot Jessica polishes and a lot of nail stickers/water decals. I miss the WOW factor NAS used to have, I used to be so exited getting the kit each month. There are so many different nail art items they could add to this, like nail transfer foils, strands, laser lace, different 3D decorations (not just bows), dangles, nail art brushes etc.

If I do cancel my subscription I will still keep an eye on NAS, and if I see a kit I like I will go ahead and buy that. But I don't think it's worth paying for each month when I get kits I am not that happy with. I would rather use my money on polishes and nail art supplies I really want.

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