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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Pure Color & Just Nail's Dance Nail Art Brushes.

A while ago I ordered some nail art brushes from my friend Fab Ur Nails, and she was so sweet and sent me a couple of extra brushes to my order.
These are very good quality nail art brushes that you can use for freehand nail art or to fill in stamping decals.
You can find these brushes here:

video review.

Pure Color Nail Art Brush:
The first brush is by Pure Color and size 10 and is made of sable hairs. It has a removable cap to protect the brush when it's not in use,  and that also makes it ideal to travel with. The brush hair length I would say is of short to medium length. The tip of the brush is very thin so it's perfect for doing fine lines, writing or filling in tiny spots on images with polish or paints for stamping decals.

Just Nail 24 Dance Nail Art Brush:
This one I have to say is my favorite of the two brushes. This brush is made of mink hairs, and they are a bit softer than the hairs on the Pure Color brush. The brush hairs on this one are short and thin. It is also a capped nail art brush, the cap attaches to the handle to make it longer. It's a brush that is made for gels so if you work with gels and looking for a gel brush to do some fine nail art  with you don't have to look any further.
But this brush is awesome to use with polish and acrylic paints too for freehand nail art or stamping decals.

Because of these brushes are made of real hairs you have to take good care of them. I will mostly use these with acrylic paints. So I will clean them with water, rubbing alcohol (if it's really bad, then water again. Then after they have dried I put some cuticle oil, coconut oil or vitamin E oil to keep them nice and soft between each use.

Hope you liked this review.
Thank you Fab Ur Nails for the extra brushes you sent to my order. I love these brushes, but you already know that. Love you always.

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