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Monday, September 8, 2014

My WEN Story.

In mid June my grandmother in-law bought me the extra large box of WEN products:
3 bottles of cleansing conditioners in Summer Honey Peach 16 fl OZ/480 ml
1 bottle of Six Thirteen 12 fl OZ/350 ml
1 container Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment 4OZ
1 bottle Replenishing Treatment Mist 6fl OZ/180ml
1 bottle Straightening Smoothing Gloss 1fl OZ/30ml
1 tube Anti-Frizz Styling Creme 4fl Oz/120ml
2 pumps
1 Wide-Tooth comb
1 Travel Kit w/3 styling products in travel size

So before I started and even before I made the order I asked some friends about WEN and their thoughts about the system. And if they had any tips for me on how to use WEN products. My friend Kelly told me she washes her hair every other day and the day she doesn't wash her hair she leaves in SixThirteen as a overnight hair mask. So that was the route I decided to do myself.

My hair before WEN

Was strange washing my hair the first few times with the WEN cleansing conditioner, but I loved the honey peach scent. Made my hair smell so yummy. I noticed after my first wash that my hair didn't feel as heavy as it normally did when I washed it with shampoo and conditioner. So I wash it every other day and then use 2 pumps SixThirteen as leave in conditioner on those nights I don't wash my hair. Also once a week I  use the  Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment as a hair mask, I leave in my wet and clean hair for 30 minutes before I rinse it out.. And every night before I braid my hair for the night I spray some of the Replenishing Treatment mist and I spray it into my hair again in the morning.  A few  times a week I apply 2 pumps of  Straightening Smoothing Gloss to my dry hair, it straightens and makes my hair feel so smooth. I love this product.

You couldn't really see any difference in my hair the first weeks, but I could feel a difference in my hair. It was so much lighter and so much softer. And it stayed softer longer than it normally did with normal shampoo and conditioner. I even skipped washing my hair for a few days just to see how long it would stay soft and light. And I was surprised that it was still soft after the 4th day, then I washed it again.
After about 4-5 weeks I really started to see a difference in my hair, not just feel it. It didn't look ast brittle and damaged as before. And it was starting to get it's shine back. Now at the beginning of September I can truly say it has done wonders to my hair. My hair is shiny, soft and starting to look as healthy as it did before I had my 2nd child. I do not want to stop using WEN, I am hooked. And granny in-law is so happy I am loving it so she's going to keep buying this large WEN kit for me.

 My hair now

I am also using it on my kids hair, and my 3 1/2 year old who normally screams bloody murder when I brush her hair doesn't make a fuss anymore. Because it is also leaving her hair so soft and smooth and doesn't get as tangled in the back like it used to before.
So I can say that WEN has truly helped us here.


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  2. where are you getting this? Used and bought from QVC states and now QVC UK but they don't or didn't have the variety and what I need for my hair, last bottles just made my hair slick just too soon and I am not a fan of washing hair. My hair still breaks etc, but I do love the stuff and did't go through the treatments as mentioned above, probably never would either....

  3. Ah Silje didn't realize this was you and that you are in the states, for some reason thought you were in Australia..... ugh, anyway also didn't see the approval for messages and why wrote three times haha, feel free to at least just delete a few of them. And of course I am sure you got the WEN from QVC America. so wish they would ship here, so much more stuff to pick and use than from the UK store. :(