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Monday, June 1, 2015

Not Completely Nude.

I know it's been a few weeks since I posted.
But for a week I was super busy. I found a 14 day old baby bird outside our door and had to take care of it until we delivered it to a wild rescue center. So I had to feed it every hour, meaning I didn't get much sleep the week it was our house guest.

the day I found it she was weak, wet and cold.

7 days later, flapping her wings, standing on my hand when I fed her.
This is her sleeping.

Anyways wasn't much time to do nails, I had to stare at the same chipping polish color while the bird was here. But the bird is doing amazing at the wild rescue center, so the sleepless hours and the 20$ donation and the over 2 hour drive for them to take her in was so worth it.

Today I was in the mood for nude nails, with something delicate but still kinda bold.
So I pulled Essie Sugar Daddy for my base color. And my Dashica Big SdP U plate and Dashica stamping polish in Purple. I also tried Bliss Kiss Simply Peel for the first time, I already heard so much buzz about it. I love their cuticle oils and lotion stick. Simply Peel doesn't have that strong bad smell that pure latex does, it's milder in Simply Peel.

final look.

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