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Sunday, September 13, 2015

So Much Stress

I know I haven't posted here in weeks. But it's been very stressful the last 3 1/2 weeks.
My 92 year old grandmother in-law that I am caretaker of had a heart attack, and since then my duties to take care of her has doubled.
Since then her pulse have been really low 38-46 beats per minute, and she's been very weak, not able to eat much and needed more help than normal. Needless to say I haven't had much sleep the last few weeks, and thank goodness I don't have a beauty blog or beauty YT channel where I do makeup tutorials. My skin is so bad.... And have dark circles under my eyes, I look like a raccoon.

Grandmother in-law was rushed again to the hospital because her pulse was very low and she was so weak and dizzy. They also saw that her kidneys have been damaged the last few weeks due to the medications they prescribed her.

Anyways, because of all the stress the last few weeks we have decided to take the kids to the Utah state fair tomorrow. So I did my nails.....
Didn't do a video of this mani, too worn out to record and edit one right now.

I used my first Enchanted  Polish Flashing Lights, this is just stunning. I so have to get a backup of this polish, I can't stop staring at it.
And on two of the nails on my right hand I did 2 coats of Orly Deja Vu as base for a negative space nail look. I used some striping tape, vertically on one nail and horizontally on the other once Deja Vu had completely dried. Then applied 2 coats of Flashing Lights and removed tape while the polish was still wet.
For the image I knew I wanted something delicate but simple that wouldn't hide the effects in Flashing Lights, so pulled out my Marianne Nails plate and picked a rose image on Marianne Nails n64 and stamped the image on 2 nails on each hand as accent nails with Funky Fingers Dark Knight.
Applied Superchic Lacquer Marvel topcoat on all nails, and pulled out my Crystal Katana and glued on some Swarovski crystals that was sent to me by Crystal Ninja a few weeks back.

 Left hand


Right hand with the negative space and different crystal placement.

These nails go well as awareness nails for Awareness Childhood Cancer for September too.
I wish you could see the full effect of the holographic effect in this gold glitter polish, it's just stunning. I hope you liked this one, thanks for stopping by.

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