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Friday, October 8, 2010

28 weeks and counting......

Been a long while since I wrote something, but a lot has happened since I posted in April.
We moved from California to Utah, and we're staying with my husband's 87 year old grandmother. She can't really live alone anymore.
Then the 3rd of May my brother passed away, he lost his battle against cancer only 38 years old. It's been hard, it's been hard the last few months. I miss him and he's been in my dreams quite a few times. We hang out and talk and then he suddenly says he has to go and he doesn't want me to worry and it will all be ok..... And every time I wake up crying my eyes out.
My husband got a good job up here in Salt Lake City at a call center dealing with Verizon clients. All my 3 kids turned 1 year older during the summer.
And now I'm pregnant with my 4th child, an other girl. At least it will even out the numbers. So right now I'm at 28 weeks, and this girl sure can kick and knows how to give a good punch.... So in other words not much rest for me, since she likes to be really active during the night. My due date 1st January, so my dear doctor told me to do my Christmas shopping early this year. We had a hard time finding a name for this one, but we settled on Grace Inara.

Other than that we're getting ready for Halloween, my husbands favorite holiday. We always give out glowsticks with the candy for the kids. So have to get those from ebay, then it's time for a few trips to Spirit Halloween store to find costumes and decorations. Dig out our fake carved pumpkins from storage and all of our LED Halloween lights and the rest of our Halloween stuff. Not sure if I want to dress up this year with this tummy and all. But we'll see............

That's it for now.........

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