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Thursday, March 1, 2012


So a few weeks ago I stumbled across a youtube video, yes it was a nail one: Making Holographic Nail polishes  with SpectraFlait. Well, it had the word holographic in it so I clicked it. And oh my, I felt  like I had won the lottery. After I was done watching that video a few times I started searching like crazy for other guru's or bloggers. And the more I found, just ended with me wanting to get my hands on this "magical" pigment. Finally I found a blogger in Australia who sells this by gram so I talked my husband into using his PayPal account to order      a tiny jar with 1 gram of SpectraFlair. And after 11 looooooooooong days of waiting it was in my mail box. I had some metallic monster beads ready along with a basic top coat I got from the drug store.

As the guru on the youtube video said I only needed a tiny dash of this pigment to the topcoat. And Oh my gosh, it made it HOLOGRAPHIC.  Finally I don't have to go all crazy for finding new holo polishes since I used up my China Glaze OMG Collection ones. I tried Nubar's holo's and they suck, sorry about the language but they do.... When you have to apply like 4-6 coats to get some holo effect on your nails, it's CRAP. And I don't have the money to spend $13-25 for 1 holo polish, not when I use them up in no time. Yes, I admit it I AM A HOLO POLISH JUNKIE......

But back to the topic, there are 3 grades of SpectraFlair 1500-14, 1500-20 & 1500-35. I got the 1500-35 coarse grade and the one that shows the holo effect the most, it is still super fine. And you only need a tiny dash of the pigment so 1 gram of pigment is enough for 8-10 poilishes. Anyways I love it, and I feel like I have found the pot of gold. Here are some swatches and then 2 looks on my nail. The swatches will show the nail color on the left and then on the right the color with the SpectraFlair top coat. I am sorry that on a couple of the swatches you can't really see the effect that well, I had really bad lighting when I snapped the pictures. And again I mixed some into a top coat from Wet n Wild, I will mix it into one of my favorite top coats later.

Hard Candy The End 

Revlon Hot For Chocolate

Wet N Wild Club Havana 

Sally Hansen Brisk Blue 

Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait 

China Glaze Dance Baby 

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Hard Candy The End, SF top coat, Konad special Black

Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait, SF top coat, Konad Special Chocolate

If you want to look into getting SpectraFlair and looking for any info on it here are 2 links.

Here's the youtube link:

She also does amazing nail art tutorials.

And the link to the nailblogger who sells SpectraFlair:


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