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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dashica Image plates haul.

So for a while now I have been drooling at the image plates from Dashica Beauty Shop, a online beauty shop based in Netherland. And after playing nurse in January for my husband after he got out of the hospital, he agreed that my reward would be Dashica image plates. I finally got ready to order, but had several questions and concerns so I wrote an email to Shirley with my questions. She replied back the next day, since she's in GMT time zone and I am MST. So after a few emails back and forth I was ready to place my order. I waited for 10 business days for my order to arrive, the package was wrapped up really well. And she had also added 2 tiny gifts a plastic scraper and 1 sheet of water decals. I was super impressed when I saw the plates. They all had good back stickers to them, so the edges aren't sharp. Even some of my Konad have sharp edges, so I've been nervous when my kids has taken a closer look at them.
I liked the fact that the full nail images are bigger than Konad's so I won't have problems getting the image to cover my nails. Something that was driving me nuts with Konad's was that even tho they are $6.99 a plate and that you would think that you wouldn't have any problems getting the image to your nail. But I have a few plates I can't get the whole image to stick on my stamper.
So with that in mind I tested the Dasica plates and with very fine detailed designs I had no problems at all getting the whole image on the stamper and then on my nail. An other thing I love about Dashica plates is that they have a lot of paired images, meaning the same image but they're mirrored for designs for both hands.

And the  SdP plates have more images than Konad. has on their plates. A Dashica SdP plate costs 3.80 Euro's that converts to about $ 5.00 US.
Yes, you have to pay for shipping too. But I think it's worth it, for the quality on the plates and the stamping results on your nails.

Oh, and the plastic scraper I got as a gift..... I LOVE IT!!! It's way better than my Konad plastic scraper that I have to scrape 2-3 times over the images. I am so ordering some of those for back ups next time I decide to  get more plates, and mark my words I will be ordering more plates later on. I am hooked on these plates, so many pretty images on each plate.
Here are the items I ordered, I hope you enjoy.

10 SdP plates and 6 rolls of striping tape.

XXL Big SdP-1

 SdP 12

 SdP 13

 SdP 32

 SdP 33

 SdP 35

 SdP 37

 SdP 38

 SdP 40

 SdP 46

SdP 47

If you want some great stamping plates you should check out the dashica plates:

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  1. the plates are beautyfull. The most of them I have it, too :-)