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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The real Foxy Mary.

I became a gaming junkie in 2000, and it kicked in when I started to play Phantasy Star Online. My character was a female hunter named Foxy Mary, and she liked to changer her look a lot. I had so much fun playing that game and met a few really nice people that are to this day still my friends.
But then more games came out and people started to move on to new MMORPG's and for me and a couple of old PSO buddies was Final Fantasy XI Online, and so we would be able to find each other we kept our old character names. So since then every MMORPG's I have tried I have been Foxy Mary, and it was also my handle on Xbox Live. I remember when I tried out Halo 2 and went to play live, my Master Chief was pink, and I got a lot of shocked reactions from guys when they heard a female voice in their head set. But here she is in 2 forms, and also the reason why I have the name on my blog. For 12 years the name has been stuck to me as glue and people call be by my character name a lot. I still play FFXI and have made some very good friends over the years. One of them loves to draw and she has made me a few drawings of my character and I have added 2 here. The jobs Foxymary has on FFXI is White Mage, Summoner, Ranger, Beastmaster, Dragoon, Puppetmaster, Warrior, Monk, Red Mage and Dancer. And she has Leather craft, and chocobo digging and Fishing as crafts. Both my husband and I play the game, and we like to hang out with our friends, some of them we have known since 2005. So there you have it when I am not doing nail stuff, cooking, reading my cook books or need a break from being a house wife, you can find me running around on FFXI on Sylph server.

Foxy Mary in green on the left.

FFXI Foxymary in her house. And yes she's a cat girl, a race called Mithra.

 One of her drawings she did a few years ago with my husband's character and the kids.

This one she finished a few weeks ago, my character as a dancer. One of the many jobs you can play.

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