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Monday, March 19, 2012

First test run with Silver Mercedes & Jaguar.

As  promised here is my first test run using Silver Mercedes and Jaguar. I decided to do these test on one image plate brand at the time. First in line is Konad, since they made nail stamping the big buzz a few years ago and since they are the most well known brand for image plates. My Konad collection isn't big I have 10 Konad plates and I have mostly used their special polishes, SH Insta Dry and CG OMG collection polishes. Yes, I loved Konad but a couple of plates made me unhappy too. No matter what they wouldn't pick up the full images, these plates were: M2, M56 & M71 and the images with very fine details (the tiny dots around the stars on M2, the fine flowered French tip on M56 and all the lace images on M71). And yes, even with Konad special polishes I couldn't get them picked up on the stamper.

So today I painted my nails with Ebony Hates Chris, and note to self not a good idea to apply black polish when kids are running around bumping into the table I was sitting at........ But anyways I found my Konad plates and decided to try stamping my problem plates with Silver Mercedes. And all I can say: OH, MY GOODNESS!!! This puppy works like magic, I got the images I never got before on to my stamper and onto    my nails. My stamping with kids running around was ok enough to show the images. I love this polish on my Konad plates, and I have to make sure I always keep it on hand.

Now moving on to Jaguar. I wish I could rave as much about this as Silver Mercedes.... The color is stunning, it just doesn't work that well for stamping. I did 4 colors on a swatch wheel and used it for stamping. You can  see the image on dark brown and black, but it doesn't show up as vibrant as Silver Mercedes.
Jaguar over: Ebony Hates Chris, Apple, Alpine Snow & Hot for Chocolate and Jaguar on it's own.

So if you're looking for a silver non Konad, Silver Mercedes is a great choice. For a gold non Konad polish don't pick up Jaguar unless you want a nice gold base color.

Next time I will do a test run on Bundle Monster and Fauxnad, but I won't waste any time trying out Jaguar again for stamping. So until then, have a great one!!!


  1. Thank you for the Recap...I found Pure Ice Silver Merc a couple of months ago..and it made Stamping so much Fun!

  2. Thanks, Val. I my self have to go and hunt down that gold you mentioned. I have only seen the SH pens in cream colors, I have heard before the chrome ones are great, heard there is one in silver, gold and pink. I have checked all the dollar stores I drive past, but so far no luck. But I'm not giving up!!!