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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silver Mercedes & Bundle Monster test.

As promised here is the pictures of my testing Silver Mercedes as stamping polish on Bundle Monster plates. I only have the second Bundle Monster set, I haven't used these plates as much. I have had some problems with the plates I really wanted in this set. And I mostly used Konad polishes or my SH Brisk Blue, since I am still trying to find normal polishes to stamp with. I have heard that others also has some problems with some of their BM plates, and that the second set is way better than the first set was. I was doing these test when my 15 month old was very active and walking all over the place, so a few of the images got messed up due to her bumping into the table I was sitting at or using me as a jungle gym. I have to say I like this polish more and more, it goes on so nicely. I only apply polish to half of the image and scrape and it covers the whole image, it even works better than one of my Konad polishes (Light Grey).
But I tried it on a few random plates and the couple of my "problem plates" (BM 201 & 224). And as with the Konad plates I talked about the other day, Silver Mercedes worked better here too. I got it to work on most of the images (still the very delicate detailed ones with very fine lines) The only image it work as well on was BM 205 the full image with the flowers. On 3 of those flowers you can see the outer lines really crisp and the details on the flower petals are really faded. Also the snake skin one came on uneven, I can see tiny black dots showing on some of the silver snake scales. But all in all I am very happy with this polish as stamping polish. The image comes out really crisp and better than my Konad special polish in Pop Green and Light Grey.  So yeah, you can find normal polishes that work better than Konad. I did 2 rounds of test on BM, but forgot to take pictures of the first round and had removed it when it hit me..... So sorry about that.

Have a great day, ladies. And happy stamping.


  1. Wow that definitely stamps like a champ! LOVE the test images! Thanks for sharing your results Foxy Mary! :D

  2. Oh, I have been looking for this one. Haven't seen it at my Wal Mart yet. But I keep looking. Thanks for the testing :)