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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter mani.

A few days ago I watched Hop with kids and hubby. It's a cute animated and live action Easter movie for the family. Starring James Marsden (X-Men movies, 27 Dresses) and voiced by Russel Brand (best known as Katy Perry's EX), Hugh Laurie (House, Monsters VS Aliens) and Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Happy Feet 2, The Birdcage).
Fred (James Marsden) an out of work slacker who accidentally hit The Easter Bunny's son E.B. (Russel Brand) with his car. E.B ran away from home to live out his dream to be a drummer instead of being the next Easter Bunny. Poor Fred has to take E.B in as he recovers, and as Fred struggles with the world's worst house guest a talking bunny. They both will learn what it takes to finally grow up.

So after seeing the movie I decided to do an Easter mani with spring and Easter colors, dotting tool and stamping. I don't have any images of jelly beans (E.B poops Jelly Beans) so did dots to be kinda Jelly Bean'ish. And did French tip mani in different colors and stamped with Konad Special white and chocolate.
The colors I used for the French tip mani Essie BBF Boy Best Friend, SH Brisk Blue, China Glaze Dance Baby, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Miami Nice & China Glaze Agent Lavender. And Dashica XXL Big SdP -1.

Final look. And my little shadow who wants to take a closer loot at what mommy is doing.

Climbed on top of mommy's lap.

On an other note, we got grandma home with us again. I have my hands full taking care of her and the kids, and doing my normal housewife chores. She's doing way better, she was well enough to have the surgery to remove the kidney stones. And is going back tomorrow for a check up and X -ray. An old friend of hers who lives in an other state is giving us an amazing Easter gift. Apparently she loved that I called her to keep her updated about granny and of course a get well soon for granny too. But she's giving us a Honey Baked Ham from The Honey Baked Ham company with all the sides. It will be delivered on Friday, so no need for me to worry on stressing to buy Easter dinner. So sweet of her. I have never met her, but she was really sweet on the phone the time I called her.  

I hope you all have a nice Easter Holiday, and if you don't celebrate Easter then I hope you'll have some nice Spring days with your loved ones.

Happy stamping, ladies.



  1. Very cut mani...adorable mani....enjoy the HB Ham!!!

  2. Wow! I love this manicure! So perfect for Easter!

  3. Agent Lavender started flaking off again... So I had to remove this mani after just 1 day. I don't get it why my Agent Lavender starts flaking off....... Got it a few years ago and only used it a few times because of this darn problem.