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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preview of new nail stamping set from Bundle Monster.

No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you. Bundle Monster is coming out with their 3 rd nail stamping image plate set. YAY. Bundle Monster was the 2 nd brand I heard of after Konad, I never got the first set but I have the 2nd set 25 plates. Yes, there are a couple of images I can't get on my nail. But I think the set was worth it anyways. There are two previews out so far, of 2 plates. I don't know how many plates there will be in this set, but I will add the previews to this post as they come up on the Bundle Monster site. They say they hope to have the plates ready by the end of April or start of May. So until then all we can do is drooooool at the preview of the image plates as they release them.

Oh, look at the cute chicks and mushroom.

Smiley face.

Look at the cute berries

Perfect plate for a foodie like me.

The flipflops won me over, but the owls are really cute too.

This one just looked so cool, I hope they're making the full size images a bit bigger than the other sets.

And if you don't own any of the other sets and would like to get them, here's the link to their site and the Beauty Accessories page:

Take care, ladies.

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