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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silver Stars

Since my Easter mani didn't last long, thanks to Agent Lavender I had to do my nails again today.
I don't know why this polish peels off after a short while. I have tried with base coat and with out, and same with top coats. And with base coat and no top coat and no base coat and with top coat, and still it starts peeling off just after a few hours. It's a shame really, because I got this polish a few years ago and have hardly used it. But anyways back to today's mani. I decided to do a black and silver, so I used Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris as base color and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes for stamping along with Dashica SdP 47 and Konad M19. And yet again I just love to stamp with this silver, it's amazing to stamp with. If you can get to a Walmart you should go to  the Pure Ice polishes and pick up a bottle of this baby.

My dear dog Rikku who is 6 years old Sharpei/Lab mix went to the vet today with my husband. Good thing they all loved her there. Bad news my puppy baby has an ear infection and fungus, skin or food allergies so she's been scratching around her eyes making them so swollen. So she's on an antibiotic, ear drops and mild pain and itching killer for a week. Then we have to take her back to get her yearly rabies shot and heart worm      cure and check her teeth, blah there was a few more things. So next vet bill is gonna be massive, and then I have to take her to get groomed so she can get rid of her winter coat. Then grandmother in law went back to the hospital for a follow up check up and X-ray. And they liked the results so they removed the tube and bag from her back. She still needs to take her antibiotics but she isn't as good with her pain killers because she doesn't like the side effects making her drowsy and dizzy. But she is back to not managing her diabetes, and eating sweets and drinking Coca Cola and her 2 bowls of ice cream. And we can't say anything because she will have a tantrum & anger fit worse than the kids. So I am glad I have a nail blog and not a normal makeup blog, because I have dark circles under my eyes. Not much sleep here the last weeks, thank goodness for energy drinks.

Have a great weekend, ladies. 

And happy Easter!!


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