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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

FYI.... Jackpot!!!!

A few years ago I was so lucky to get my hands on a few of the polishes from China Glaze OMG Collection, and it was love at first polish stroke. And since then I have been a holo junkie on a hunt for polishes as stunning as those polishes. But since I loved them so much I used them up in no time, well so I thought. After I saw a really stunning Easter mani photo by a sweet member in the FB group I'm in Adventures In Stamping. She   used a few of the polishes from the same collection to stamp with over black base color. After seeing that picture I had to go and stare at my old OMG bottles. And  then I saw it, my favorite polish from that collection FYI had a tiny bit left in it and it hadn't dried out...... SCORE, JACKPOT, what ever!!! I just had to do a mani with it, so I used Hot For Chocolate as base and Dashica XXL SdP 1 and CG FYI to stamp.
And oh, my it's so pretty. I can't stop staring at my nails, teeeheee. And the best part I still have some left for some more stamping later, YAY!!!
I never used any of these polishes to stamp with before, and I wish I had.... But I didn't want to waste the polish on stamping.... I know, weird.... But if I ever get my hands on any of those polishes again, I will soooo stamp with them. One thing I have noticed it, tricky to get the perfect picture of holo's, right light, angle to get  whole holo effect to show on the photos. Thank goodness for the age of digital cameras, could you imagine snapping pictures with the ones you had to buy film for???? I wonder how many film rolls we would all waste on getting a few perfect pictures. It's like taking pictures of your kids or pets.

Have a great week, and happy stamping!!


  1. Heyyy! Omg, you stamped with it! I'm in love, so gorgeousss! :D And very nice job stamping :)


  2. Yeah, I never used any of my 4 polishes to stamp with before and FYI is the only one I have left. If I had only known back then these would we awesome to stamp with.

    I followed your blog.