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Monday, April 30, 2012

A so and so mani.

After a few days with sick kids with bad cough, cold and stomach flu (yeah, we got all of it at once). It hit husband and me, he got the cough and cold I got the stomach flu. So we were all feeling very under the weather for a few days. I was bummed I missed Sunday's challenge because I was feeling like crap. I had the plates, polishes all lined up for the Queen's Day mani. And looking at the entries from the ladies in AIS it made me sad that I wasn't well enough to sit down and do my nails.  Still not over the dam bug yet, but I'm feeling better than I was 2 days ago. Well, anyways I just did my nails tonight. Not too happy with this one, first the matte topcoat on base color failed big time. Not happy with the matte topcoat from Hard Candy, it hardly mattes out the base color. Second my hands were shaking like crazy when I was doing the stamping. Guess that what happens when you haven't been eating much due to sickness. But decided to post picture of the mani anyways. I will be doing an other mani in a day or two, and it will be my entry to the Bundle Monster contest. Still trying to figure out colors and plates to use..... So until next time, happy stamping.

Ebony Hates Chris, Hard Candy Matte topcoat (fail), SiIlver Mercedes & Dashica SdP 32

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