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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday April 15 Challenge.

This weeks stamping Sunday challenge in the FB group Adventures In Stamping was a tie between:
More than 2 images on nail or Stamping over gradient base. And since it was a tie we could do either one or both. I decided to stamp over gradient base. So I looked at my polish collection and I guess lack of sleep lately   is not making it any easier to decide what colors to use or what plates to pull out.
But I ended up with my 3 crappy holo's from Nubar, they worked well as gradient. Still can't see much of the holo efffect, even thought about applying a coat of my top coat with SpectraFlair in it to get some holo. But decided against it, so I can show you why I don't like my Nubar holo's.

I used Brilliant (not at all), Treasure (the purple in this is nice) and Absolute (crap?)...... Sorry, can't really help my self. And then I used Dashica SdP 12 and Konad special white.

Other than that I plan to go to Walmart today and hunt down some Pure Ice polishes to stamp with, and look for other polishes I just have to get. And of course get my polish removers and see if they have SH Triple Strong. Oh, and check if my Walmart has any of those stamping kits.

Happy stamping.


  1. "absolute (crap?)" = I'm laughing out loud! Cute stamp, anyway! I love hello kitty!