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Monday, April 16, 2012

Walmart Haul and nail breaking.

I went to Walmart on the hunt for Pure Ice polishes for stamping.  I guess the Walmart I went to is limited on Pure Ice or sold out on a lot of colors. There was a lot of empty slots on the Pure Ice stand, but I was able to find two that looks they can be good for stamping. Then I went over to Wet N Wild and saw they had them for 98 cents, so got an other top coat to mix Spectra Flair into and polishes that I also hope will work for stamping.Then I was hoping I would find Sally Hansen Triple Strong, but no luck, so looked at the selection they had picked SH Hard As Nails. And of course I needed a new bottle of polish remover. Then we went to Mc Donald's and picked up a few of their Strawberries and Cream pies, finally a pie I can eat and like.

So finally home from Walmart and getting some veggies from Winco, and getting little Grace's jacket off and the my index finger nail on left hand (the hand I use for my pictures) broke. So I had to cut all my nails short again. I am crossing my fingers that SH Hard As Nails will work as well as Triple Strong so I'll get long and strong nails again. And when I see a store that has Triple Strong I have to buy a few back ups, since it clearly really hard to find.

From Left to right : WnW: top coat, Blue Moon, Wild Card, Pure Ice: Outrageous, Pussy Cat, 
SH: Hard As Nails & Onyx nal polish remover

I hope I get to test out my new polishes for stamping later today, and will make post about it later today or tomorrow. I know it wasn't a big haul, this time and maybe not the most exiting at that.

Hope you all have a great day.

Happy stamping. 

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  1. That's too bad about breaking your index nail...I hope it grows back FAST! :D Great haul! :D