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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Haul.

A little haul of polishes and nail care products over the last weeks. It's not a big haul, we're still trying to get caught up on medical bills and stuff. But a little is better than nothing, rite???
2 I got for free from bloom.com only had to pay shipping, then Walmart and Rite Aid. Also a tiny review of one of the polishes from bloom.com and a non stamping nail look.

SH Triple Stong, Pure Ice First Time, Revlon Quick Dry TC, Color Club Blue- Ming,
Julie G 9 to 5, Julie G Fairytale, OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, OPI Into The Night.

OPI Into The Night after a few hrs of cooking dinner, eating dinner and cleaning the kitchen.

I got the OPI polishes free from bloom.com only paid for shipping. So I picked up 2 polishes from the new Spiderman collection. Just Spotted The Lizard is a dupe of Chanel's Peridot, and I wasn't able to get my hands on that one. So was really happy to get this OPI one, I decided on Into The Night because I don't have a polish like it. I got my polishes with  3 samples in a cute box after a few days I made the order. I decided to try Into The Night first, and did my Triple Strong as base then 2 coats of Into The Night and then used Out The Door on top. So I made dinner, had dinner and cleaned the kitchen and the result was not pretty. I removed it all and tried again the next day, same result. Not happy with this one at all. Think it's going into storage until I get an UV gel kit and light and then I'll try to use it as base with the gel top coat and cure to see if that will work better. So until then it will sit in my polish collection.  Any of you ladies tried this polish and have the same problem???

Onto normal life stuff..... My dog is sick again, she doesn't want to eat and she's all swollen around her nose, under her ears. So hubby is taking her to see the vet again tomorrow. I have gotten her to drink water and take some dog protein shake. But she's really weak and out of it. She's a Sharpei/Lab mix and those two breeds have problems with skin and food allergies.  We're not sure what kind she has, so I hope when hubby takes her to the vet again tomorrow we'll get some more answers. She was my first baby when I moved here in 2005 and she's 6 years old. And she's so great with the kids so she's a part of our family. Her name is Rikku, I named her after a character in Final Fantasy X. A young thief girl, and it was perfect for my little dog who used to steal tissue from the paper waste bin when she was a puppy.... She would go all flat and move closer and closer to it to grab a piece of paper. So hopefully the vet can help us and give us some medications so she can get better. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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