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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Entry to Bundle Monster Nail Art Contest

As I promised here is my entry to BM contest. I had a hard time picking the image and colors for this one. I didn't want to do a bunch of crazy colors, but simple and cute. I don't know what it is, think it's the humidity in this apartment that is messing up my manis. No matter how long I wait the polish won't dry, so I have to take the pictures right after I am done.I think I have to get one of those nail dryers, or UV light with fan. I do want to get one of those systems, and I have a UV light w/fan I have been drooling at for some time now. Or just get the kit they have at Walmart and get a full size bottle of the gel sealer top coat and use that as topcoat over normal polishes and cure under the UV light. I don't know, we'll just see what I end up doing. Just so tired of doing cure manis that won't dry in this apt. and then get them all messed up when I play with the kids or cook dinner or something. And yes, I wait several minutes after each step, even up to 1/2 hour still ends up not 100% dry so get smudges or dents on the mani. Well, on to my entry. I used Essie's BBF Boy Best Friend as base, Ebony Hates Chris for French tip and Konad Special black on the image and the plate I used was BM 221.

Here's the link: If you want to support my entry and have facebook, please vote. Or vote on the design you like the best. There's a lot of nice entries there, you can vote on more than one if you like a few. https://apps.facebook.com/winnailplates/contests/216667/voteable_entries/50294488

Poor hubby was going to help me pick design and color, but a sinus infection hit him really hard. So he's been feeling really bad the last days. But still sweet of him to show my blog to his co workers, and he also reads it him self too. Other than that little G can go from super happy to crazy mad in 0.2 seconds if she doesn't get her way. She makes her angry tell off sounds if my dog Rikku gets in her way, and of course she waves her hands like crazy. Oh, and she starts shaking if she gets really pissed. Hubby and I call her our little vibrating baby.

This is my oldest girl, she will be 15 in July.

My first baby girl E, had her big day back in Norway yesterday. Just wish I could have been there to share it with her. Lucky I have a great family and my ex-hubby to take pictures and make film of her day. They're going to send it over. But anyways it was her Konfirmation day yesterday, she's now a little grown-up. But she'll always be my baby.  She's wearing a special outfit that is from Bergen, with all silver accessories. It was my grandmother's sister who made this for my mother. Then my mother passed it on to me, and I passed it on to E. The silver she's wearing is all new and hers, and it's not cheap. Was a combined gift from my parents and us. Each region in Norway has their special design and we wear them on special occasions like weddings, Konfirmations, 17 May (Norway's constitution's Day). And it's hand made, if you go to a seamstress you have to pay an arm and a leg. Just the adjustments that had to be made for her (she is way thinner than my mother and I was) cost a lot. But she will be wearing it for years, so it's worth it. 
And she looks so nice in it, she even got to get her hair done. She is so sweet, kind and loving I am super proud of her. Love you so much E.C.!!!

Have a great week, ladies & K (<3)
Happy stamping.

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