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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I won my first giveaway.

A while back I entered a giveaway @ http://www.pinkdandychatter.com/
The price was dumplings from Green Chopsticks and some Korean beef Bulgogi and chicken Bulgogi. I was so happy that I won. The Costco up here in Salt Lake City don't sell these dumplings, and I have been craving them like crazy. They are that good, yes. And I love Bulgogi, never had the chicken Bulgogi before. Can't wait to try it, I hear it's more spicy than the beef one. The dumplings bag are the small ones, not the big ones they sell at Costco. Still hoping they will start selling these amazing tasting dumplings again. We all love  them here in this house. If you've never tried their dumplings you should check out their facebook page check it out: https://www.facebook.com/greenchopsticks They have roadshows all over the country at Costco's and they post date and place on their facebook.  So if you spot their stand at a Costco near you then head on over and give them a try.

Thanks to Janae of http://www.pinkdandychatter.com/ for hosting that giveaway and to Green Chopsticks for sponsoring it.You made a family very happy, we'll enjoy a Korean feast soon. I just need to hunt down a really good Kimchi to go with it.

Top: Chicken Bulgogi & Beef Bulgogi
Bottom: Porkpotstickers, Chicken dumplings and pork dummplings.

My NOTD just a coat of my current favorite purple shade from WW On A Trip then stamped with Konad black and Konad M 80... Yes, I know..... I can use my other plates now and then....

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