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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nails, polish, stamping, camera and bad pictures.

Yesterday before bed I decided to do my nails, I picked OPI Into The Night and then for stamping Pure Ice First Time and Outrageous. And of course my Dashica XXL Big SdP plate. When I was done it hit me that this mani looks like an old summer dress I used to own. I just love this look, and have been trying to take a picture of it. Guess it's the down side with foil, glitter etc. the reflections from the polishes screw up the pictures. I am about to SCREAM...... Just going to upload what I have, I hope at least one will be good enough so you can see the design.

I just love this look, nice for a hot summer day like today. Thank goodness for A/C. I miss my dear dog, but so nice not to have to go out in this heat and take her over to the dog run. We're still not used to her being gone, last week when hubby went to the store he almost picked up a treat for her. And Grace when we went to the park the other day heard a dog barking and she started running like mad towards the dog. She misses her her play pal too. Time to make an other raspberry ice tea to cool down. What is your favorite drink in the summer? Mine are Ice teas and Mojito . 

Time for a Giveaway shout out, http://www.bleedglitter.com/2012/06/my-first-giveaway.html has her first giveaway. One of the prices is a binder she made to hold image plates, it looks so cute. So if your image plates collection is one pile of chaotic mess, that binder will be a blessing for your collection. So click on t he link and follow her blog.

Have a great day.

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