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Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Day Of Summer.

*Sniffle, sniffle*
Summer is over already, these last weeks have gone by so fast. I feel like I haven't been able to enjoy it, been very hectic the last weeks here. Wish I was back in Long Beach CA, we lived really close to the beach. Loved taking my sandals off and feel that soft sand. Last weekend I wished we were back in CA, my husbands best friend and his girlfriend and the kids had a big gathering on the beach. If we were in CA still we would so have joined them for a day on the beach for BBQ and fun in the sun.
And if I was back home in Norway, we would spend some nice day at my family's cabin by the lake. So nice there, have so many great memories of that place. So many summers of the whole family spending weekends there. My parents have this tradition that every summer they invite the whole gang and my mom's best friend and her family to a crab and shrimp feast. And it is really a feast, my dad will go and get tons of crabs from a local fisherman or big boxes of shrimp. Then there will be salads, yummy breads and spreads and of course great drinks to go with the whole feast. But I think the fondest memories I have from the cabin is when it was my grandparents home for the summer and my brothers and I would run over the fields to visit. And my grandfather would ask us if we could go and pick some blueberries so he could make some blueberry jam and his famous pancakes (the paper thin ones). He made the best pancakes in the world, and with blueberry jam was getting a bit of heaven. Then we would all go down to the lake and have a swim.
Now it's my mother who will ask if you can pick some blueberries and she'll make the pancakes. And yes they are just like my grandfather's. I have lost count of how many of my daughter's friend who has said that my mom makes the best pancakes in the world. And some of them have even said that they wish they were her grandmother. LOL. No, I can't go out and pick fresh blueberries I have to go to Ikea and buy a jar. But it's better than nothing, and then I'll make some too. So lucky that my mom showed me the secret recipe years ago. Not sure f you can call it a secret when it's a cup of this and that and a dash and splash of that. HAHAHA.
Any of you have special family traditions and food you cook with your loved ones in the summer???

Now over to nails, here are the two manicures I've had the last days. I love Party In My Cabana, used two coats and it's stunning. Didn't feel well, so I didn't feel like stamping so I decided to stick some nail stickers on my nails instead. The girl at Kohl's still went WOW when she saw my nails tho. She asked if they were my natural nails. All I thought was Darn, why didn't I stamp my nails???  For my last day of summer mani I tried Bundle Monster 309 for the first time, the full image of the flip flops can be tricky. Having a hard time getting all of the flip flops to transfer to my stamper and then onto my nails. I tried different polishes and was the same, with them. Had no chance with the XL stamper, but got more of the image with my Konad stamper (still not the whole image).  Going to try this plate on some swatches this weekend.

The mani I had a couple of days ago, OPI Party In My Cabana with some nail stickers.

Base color is Color Club Fashion Addict, Bundle Monster 309 stamped with
OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

Have a great weekend.

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