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Saturday, September 1, 2012

September is here.

This weekend wasn't any fun, I have two kids with really bad colds. And now I guess it's mommy's turn to get sick too. But yesterday my dear husband asked if I could make Pasta E Fagioli soup, you see he loves the one they serve at Olive Garden. So I looked up a recipe that says it's the one from Olive Garden, so I gave it a try. Pulled out my 10 qt pot and started chopping veggies and stirring. Guess that Olive Garden make their own marinara sauce and beef stock, but hubby said it was the closest he had had. And it made him super happy, he's gonna have some yummy lunches with him to work this coming week. Plus we have a few for dinners in the freezer. But it was really yummy with some good bread, tasted really good when you feel like you're getting a cold and there's a thunder storm outside.

Now on to nails.
This Sunday's challenge in AIS was Something you have learned from AIS or Inspired by members in AIS.
A few weeks ago a sweet lady showed us some pictures of some stamping she had done on those glass crafting pebbles you can make into jewelry or magnets. She had this phoenix image on two for earrings, I remember I thought WOW, that's so stunning. And I wanted to do that image on my entry for today. So I did some stamping tests on my nail lollipops, and showed them to hubby. He suggested to add some flames too, so off I went to do some more testing. And then I remembered an other sweet lady in AIS did a youtube video a while ago with flames and skulls. Base color is a white from Sinful Colors, name sticker came off.... For the flames I used 2 BM plates BM 202 & BM 312 and Wet N Wild Club Havana, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red & Lightening. Used BM 314 and the phoenix image and Rapid Red and Bold Gold from Maybelline. I added a trail of gold glitter on the red birds and for that I used Orly Too Fab. But it's really hard to see the glitters on the pictures.

Now I am gonna take some cold meds and head off to bed, almost 1 am. Hopefully I can fall asleep even with the dam people next door being loud and drunk outside....
Have a great Labor Day.

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  1. Awesome manicure! I love the colors you chose and the effect of the phoenix coming out of the flames! :D