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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lawyer meeting nails.

Today we have a meeting with a lawyer, so I wanted to do a nice mani.
No, I haven't done anything bad, I promise.
So I used Wet N Wild On A Trip as base color, and used a matte topcoat.  Must say I like it even more now as a matte. It's stunning!!! Love the way matte topcoats works on some colors.
Also On A Trip is amazing for a drugstore polish. I did a test having it on for 4 days, with a cheap drugstore topcoat the WW that is under 1 $. So I did massive housework this weekend, and I didn't use rubber gloves when I did the dishes. No chipping for like 4 days. Love it when a drugstore polish beats some high end polishes in the chipping battle.

But anyways back to the topic...... I decided to use Dashica SdP 37 and stamped with Pure Ice Outrageous. And if you haven't tried to stamp with any of the foiled polishes from Pure Ice, you're missing out. I love stamping with them. I have Silver Mercedes, Pussycat, First Time & Outrageous. They are just perfect stamping polishes.

Think it's gonna add some color to my grey dress and black heels.

Have an amazing day!!

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