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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My first test of 2012 Bundle Monster set.

I love the designs on this set, so many cute ones.
They stamp really well, I tried a few images. But these are the ones that are on my
nails now 306 and 317. I stamped with Pure Ice Outrageous over Wet N Wild Though The Grapevine & Black Creme.
 BM 306

BM 317

So what do I think about these plates? Like I said the images are cute and they stamp really well. But I wish Bundle Monster would make their full nail images bigger. They are too small for my nails, and my nails arent even that long right now. Just to show you I will compare the full nail images with the full nail images on one of my Dashica plates. I left the plastic on the BM plate so you can separate the two plates with ease on the pictures. 

Metric: The BM plate is 17 mm in length & 14 mm width. 
Dashica: 20 mm in length & 17 mm in width

BM: 0.66 In in length & 0.55 In in width 
Dashica: 0.78 In in length & 0.66 In in width

I wish Konad and Bundle Monster and other companies who make image plates with images at this size would make them a bit bigger. So us girls who has longer or wider nails can use their plates without double stamping.
But for the price, you're getting an amazing set that works with cute images. For me I think I will use the small images more than the full nail images. Until I get the softer XL stamper it's really hard to double stamp on my curvy nails. I am however ordering a second set to send to my 15 year old daughter, I know her nails aren't as long as mine. So these images will be perfect for her.

Now, I have to start making the chicken fried rice for dinner.
Have a good night!!!

Don't forget to flaunt those nails now.


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