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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 2012 Bundle Monster set, MINE!!! And a mini haul.

On Friday 8/3 I ordered my 2012 BM set, I got the normal confirmation mail that it would take 4-7 business days. So here I was hoping I would get it on my birthday. But yesterday 8/6 I went out to check the mail and   my jaw dropped and my heart started racing. Inside the mailbox was the envelope from BM. I ran back inside and opened it right away, and I know I was giggling like crazy. Was so exited that I poured Dr Pepper  in little Bunny's sippy cup and apple juice in my glass..... Lucky I saw what I had done before I handed it to her..... I know. Crazy nail lady. I removed them from the little box they came in and my first thought was: Why did they make the plates smaller? So I went to my image plates and pulled out the other BM set I have and Konad plates. And of course I saw they were the same size, guess that's what you get for being hooked on Dashica plates for so long. You forget how small your round plates are....

So I knew I was almost out of polish remover so I had to go to Rite Aid, so I picked up 3 polishes too.
I got a Sinful Colors and Wet N Wild in white and black to use for swatches. Then I got the Rite Aid brand of 100% Pure Acetone nail polish remover, and it doesn't dry out as much as other brands I have tried. I also picked up an other color of Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. Then of course you can never have enough buffer blocks.
SC Snow Me White, WW Through The Grapewine, Black Creme, BM set, acetone & buffer.

I will be trying out one or two plates of the new set, I just have to decide what images I want to try first.

Guess I'll sleep on it. Almost 2 am here, and I need sleep.

Have a good week!!!



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