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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheeky 2012 Summer Collection.

Today my plates from Cheeky showed up in my mail box. I have been waiting with countless others on this set. They had issues with this set so release date kept being pushed back. But a few weeks ago they announced they were ready to order. The only down part to the free shipping from China it seems they have turtles as shipping animals. But they're finally here. The full nail images are bigger than the one you find on Konad, Bundle Monster and some of the fauxnad plates. Also the plates are a bit bigger than the round ones as the brands just mentioned. So lets take a closer  look.  

They come in this cute box.

Ch 31 & Ch 30

Ch 32 & Ch 33

Ch 34 & Ch 35

Ch 36 & Ch 37

Ch 38 & Ch 39

Ch 40 & Ch 41

Ch 42 & Ch 43

Ch 44 & Ch 45

Ch 46 & Ch 47

Ch 48 & Ch 49

Ch 50 & Ch 51

Ch 52 & Ch 53

Ch 54 & Ch 55

So was the long wait for these plates worth it??? Check my next blog post about testing these plates.
Thanks for checking in.

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