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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elmer's glue as base coat for glitter?

Are you like me who love glitter nail polish? But hate to wear them because of removing glitter polishes is a pain in the butt?? There is one method that works pretty well, cotton balls soaked in polish remover on your nails and then wrapping your nails with aluminum foil for 5 minutes.
A little while ago bloggers and nail guru's on youtube started to make posts about a new method that works better.

After hearing people rave about this technique on youtube, facebook nail groups and blogs I had to try it out my self. I am testing this with different type of glitter polishes. So I went to the dollar store and got a bottle of Elmer's School glue (yes, that stuff) and put some in an empty mini polish bottle. Then I applied 1 st coat of glue on my bare nails (no base coat) and let it dry before adding a 2 nd coat. 

Glue in a mini polish bottle. I got mine from:

The polishes I used L to R:  Color Club Magic Attraction, WnW Flossy Flossy & Rock N' Roll (both from Fergie collection), Color Club It's A Hit & China Glaze I Herd That. On the 3 middle fingers I used WnW Black Creme as base color over the glue.

Here they are on my nails.
Magic Attraction, Flossy Flossy, Rock N' Roll, It's A Hit & I Herd That.

So after a few hours it was time to try and remove the glitter polishes. I used a tooth pick and cuticle pusher. Did it work?? Take a look at these pictures down below.

Peels off quite easy.

And not a problem on the ones that had the base color and chunky and bigger glitters.

My naked nails and the peeled off glitter polishes.

It worked!!

I would say this works really well, way easier than the foil method or the nail tip remover soak gadgets. And you don't have to wait 5 minutes to remove the polish. I stopped in between to snap some pictures but it was  like 3 minutes to remove. So easy.... I will start to wear glitter polishes more often.

If you can't find Elmer's glue in your country, try similar non toxic & washable school glues. I hope this was helpful, and hopefully you will start wearing glitter polishes more too.
Good luck, and please let me know in posts below how this worked for you.


  1. Awesome!!! I love the pictures Silje! Great test! :D

  2. Great :) Doesn't the glue damage your nails?

  3. It's not as strong as the nail glue, it didn't pull off ant layer of my nail bed, it feels like normal. But I only had them on for 6-7 hours.