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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday September 23 rd Challenge.

Today's stamping challenge in AIS having someone else pick the images for you. For my challenge that someone was my husband. So I handed him all of my plates and thought it was going to be something Halloween themed. But I was wrong. Even tho I handed him all of the plates it ended up being a few Dashica plates he had picked out, a few Dash plates, SdP and XXL plate.
And I thought OK, going to be one image. But no... Different images on each nail to tell a story.
His inspiration:
Hmmm, what names to use in the example........

Kate and William
Sitting in a tree,
First come love, then comes marriage,
then come Kate with a baby carriage.

And then hubby wanted to add something to this imaged story line.. The visits from mother in-law.
Then he added, I bet a lot of husbands in the group can relate to that and laughed.......

So here it is, my manicure that my husband picked out the images for.

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