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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sarah's amazing giveaway.

As I have told you before I have met some really sweet ladies since I joined A.I.S.
One of them is Sarah, she's in England and has every plate out there. So if any of us has anything image plate related we can ask our Sarahpedia.
She has this amazing blog where she shares her amazing pictures of her nails and nail art, she's really great on nail stamping. She is one of the few in the group who has inspired me or I've learned a few tricks from. Yes, even after stamping for a few years now I still learn new techniques and tricks about stamping.

Anyways she is hosting this amazing giveaway on her blog. Nail art supplies overload, and some amazing image plates from Cheeky, Fab Ur Nails, Dashica & Bundle Monster, wheels of nail gems and glitters, polishes......


So what are you still sitting here and reading my blog for?? Click on the link and follow her amazing blog and enter this Out of this world giveaway.

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