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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review & Test Of Dashica's Dash Set.

When Shirley announced this summer she was releasing her first set I was super exited, and could't wait to see the previews of it. And when I saw them I knew I had to buy this set.  Of all the new plates I think the Dash set and the XXL SdP 2 plates are my favorites.
I picked random images on each plate to try out, and tried to do some full nail images, single images, fine details, etc, etc.

I had to redo this video 3 times, because the first two with just the test stamping part was over 20 minutes long....... Also I was making such a mess when I scraped that I kept moving more and more out of camera's view and the plates got pushed more and more to the sides.... It was a mess, didn't help to edit and cut parts out when all you saw in the end was a paper towel covered in black polish... The second one I had a dark base color to stamp over so it was hard to see the images.  But live and learn, right?

But I got a few very helpful tips from Gina from http://www.youtube.com/user/soguesswhat11 on youtube. Thank you, Gina! If you haven't checked out her channel, you should. She has amazing videos about stamping, not just tutorials but helpful videos too.

So I did a new video that was even longer than the first, but I didn't make a mess and go off camera as much as I did on the first try. But I was able to edit it and cut it shorter. Since there is a limit on how long your videos can be on youtube, I didn't have a choice. I still have a lot to learn when it come to making and editing videos for youtube, so I hope you keep that in mind when you watch my videos. I am trying my best. Anyways, I hope you like it.

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