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Monday, September 24, 2012

Testing Dashica XXL SdP 2 Plate.

I was really exited when I heard that Shirley was going to release a second XXL plate. I love my XXL SdP 1 plate so much, I keep using it. So I knew I had to get this plate too, it has a few more images than the XXL SdP 1 plate. And again something for everyone for any occasion.
When you go to http://www.dashicabeautyshop.nl/ you can't see all the images clearly, so I got a few surprises when I got my plate and saw the images in detail. Think the Nintendo characters was the winning images for me, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach.

I picked 10 random designs to stamp onto my nails, some full nail images and single images. I also wanted to do a quick test of 3 of the Dashica Special Stamping polishes in Black, Pastel Blue and Jade. I have to say I really like these polishes. Some of them works amazing over a black nail polish, but I will do a video on the stamping polishes later. But now on to the video of my stamping test.
Hope you enjoy it.

The 10 images I stamped  did pretty well. You can't really see it on the picture the feather on my let hand on my ring finger. But in person you see all the details on the feather, and that for me shows the quality in these plates. Just bugs me I couldn't get my Canon snapshot to pick it up..... Grrrrrrrr

And to finish this post the two pictures of my stamped nails.
Left hand.

Right Hand.

Hope you liked this review and that it was helpful.

If you want to buy this plate I'll add the direct link to it below:

Have a good week.
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