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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sorting my stash.

So I just spent 1 hour sorting out my nail stash that was a mess. I threw out over 20 bottles of polishes that were all empty. And tried to re-organize my system of polishes and nail care items. I don't have the biggest collection of polish and I don't have any fancy nail racks or a Melmer to store them all in. So I wanted to share how I store my polishes and all. Not showing my plates storage, since I don't really have one with a system. All in an old shoe box, going to get a folder and baseball card holders tho,
Anyways I have some old containers I got from my hubby's grandmother, the rest is old shoe boxes and an old empty box of baby wipes. Not the best system, but it will do for now. I hope I can get a Melmer or one of those other fancy storage units from Ikea later on. Sorry, this post is very picture heavy.
But hopefully it can give you an idea how to store your nail polish if you can't afford a Melmer or one of those fancy polish racks.

My stuff all together on this 2 drawer dresser.

My portable storage unit for my stampers, scrapers, cotton pads etc.

I have changed the setup in this one. These come in pairs however with a lid. But you can snap them together as you like.

I don't have wheels in this one anymore, but my finger tip soak cups.

This one is filled with only cotton pads now.

Replaced the stickers qith Q-tips in this one.

My scrapers, stampers and nail wipes and sponges for gradient manicures.

Got this for 1$ at the dollar store.

How it looks from the side.

Shoe box filled with my nail wheels, polished nail lollipops, Elmer glue, acetone pump bottle, striper polishes, random polishes, tooth picks (to make dots), base & top coats and random polishes.

My nail art brushes, dotting tools, old eye liner brushes, clippers & tweezers.

My Konad polishes and drug store polishes I use as stamping polishes.

My nail art box: 6 rhinestone wheels, 8 sheets of nail stickers, gold flakes, 5 rolls of stripe tape, pink glitter, fine and coarse grade of SpectraFlair and my cosmetic scoop spoons live in here.

Inside the chest I store older high end and drug store polishes, acetone, cuticle oil, polish thinner and my polish bases.

OPI, Orly & Essie.

Color Club, China Glaze and my SpectraFlair topcoats. Oh and hubby's chips.

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