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Friday, September 28, 2012

Test & Review of Dashica's Stamping Polishes.

Since I heard of Dashica and saw all the plates and polishes on the site, I've always wanted to try the stamping polishes. I decided I wanted to add some to my order to try out. I have some Konad Special polishes, the favorites of the ones I have of Konad is White, Black and Chocolate.
The Dashica polishes are 11 ml and cost 2.99 Euro/ 3.84 USD. Some had label stickers on them and the rest in bare bottles. So I had to take a peek at my order email to see what colors I got. But then Konad polishes aren't labeled either so. The main question is How good are these polishes for stamping?
I polished my nail lollipops in white and black nail polish for base to test these stamping polishes.
I have to say I am really happy with how well these stamp, even over the black base color. I didn't cover the whole image with polish, only half and got the whole image onto my stamper.
Very happy with these, I have to make sure I always have some on hand. Unless Konad releases a OMG I have to have that color polish, then I think I am going to stick with Dashica's stamping polishes. I can't compare these with the stamping polishes from Fab Ur Nails since I don't own any. But for what I have seen in pictures I would say the ones from Dashica are as good or close to a match as the ones from Fab Ur Nails.

I noticed that even with my daylight LED light the colors got washed out over the black color in the video. So here's a picture of the swatches, in the pictures the colors got washed out over the white base color. LOL

Watch the video and tell me what you think.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hey, fantastic review, thanks! I will be sure to check these polishes out!!
    I was just wondering, what plate is the unicorn on your right thumb from? :)

    1. Never mind, have just seen the previous post! :)
      This was my first stumble across your blog but I shall return!